Rio Street Marked 2011

Rio Street Marked 2011-

Years ago, in the post-Stonewall and pre-AIDS days, a group of gay men hung out with my partner Clarion and me in our home in Boston. We welcomed one or more friends at the dinner table several times a week.  There, I served up my culinary inventions and Clarion shared theater and movie reviews and a steady flow of his tapes mixing the hottest new music with classic jazz and blues

So while Clarion provided the music to woo their latest beaus,  I offered cooking lessons and recipes that were guaranteed man bait. Those cooking lessons eventually became a loose-leaf cook book I called “Pastache”. The title of that book celebrated my favorite food , pasta, and how I always tried to cook it with  panache.

In Kooking Kweer my audience is about the same as it was for “Pastache”: LGBT people  and friends who want some cooking advice and recipes that unleash the proven gay creative force I like to call

Google Says
noun: panache
flamboyant confidence of style or manner.
“He entertained Palm Springs society with great panache

Is Google (whoever she is?)  talking about Merv Griffin, the departed queen of Palm Springs? …. Perhaps.

In Kooking Kweer I hope to demonstrate that having “panache” doesn’t require Merv’s wealth or following the directives of celebrity chefs.  It means being as creative as you can with what you have (aka afford) and being as bold as a drag queen sashaying down the street of Tea Party city in broad daylight.


Before I begin this journey allow a word about being inclusive.  In the early days when gay became the preferred term for homosexual, being an outsider on the fringes of society “forced” us to welcome anyone into the queer fold.  So in Kooking Kweer everyone is welcome to come to the table.


NEWBIES: people with little cooking experience who are willing to learn and grow.  Newbies will find information about  equipment and techniques as well as some basic recipes they will need  to become “Penachers”.

PENACHERS:  people with cooking experience who want to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  I will share recipes and techniques with them and encourage them to contribute  their inventions in the spirit of panache and inclusion.


In many of the pages I will refer to you as KweerKooks and all the contibuting cooks will be known as KookingKweersThese titles of endearment are not gender specific or sexually preferenced.  If you are offended you can always politely decline my invitation to join the party.

DISCLAIMER: I am a painter, not a chef.  If my measuerments are off,  blame it on the paint fumes or my age.  You may see some of my paintings at www.PaulDavisJones.com

Oaxaca Rainstorm - 43"x43" mixed pigments on canvas 2013

Oaxaca Rainstorm – 43″x43″ mixed pigments on canvas 2013

Waterfragment 20x20 # 6 , mixed

Waterfragment Twenty Four # 3 mixed media on canvas, 2009

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