You don’t need a home version of Williams Sonoma or Martha’s Kitchen to Kook Kweer. And you may already have some pots and pans in your kitchen that are perfectly fine. My reason for pointing out equipment is to help you discover some basic equipment that you should have in your Kweer Kitchen.  This is mainly Newbie information but you Panachers will probably find some useful information.

I will often send you to AMAZON. Com where you can see pictures of the equipment I mention, get the prices and read some reviews. In most cases, I will suggest you take a trip to a local kitchen or department store to see equipment live before you buy.

For example the feel of a knife in your hand is very important, as is the weight and size of pans.  Never buy equipment on line that you havent seen in person is my basic rule.

Lets begin with the basics. To Kook Kweer you will need a stove and learn its in and outs. You can call a stove a “range” or the part with burners a cook top if you like. I will call the cooking thing in your kitchen a stove.