Bakeware Bowls & Serving Pieces



I am a huge fan of Corningware French White dishes. They are amazingly flexible products that can go from stove to table and look perfectly presentable.

As a matter of fact ALL my pies are baked in a 10” a Corningware French White Quiche dish.  I have found over the years that pies don’t have to be deep dish or mountain high to be great.

I can hear some voices from the gallery saying, “But a 9” pie plate is standard!”  — My response is why be standard when you can be special.   And you get more slices out of a 10” pie.

A pear pie made with store bought roll out crust and bosc pears, brown and whit sugar and cornstarch — simple and delicious.

See Recipes Desserts for this tarte.



Corning French White

I have provided a site that shows pictures of almost everything Corning makes in this French White line.  Take a look at the pictures and I will tell you want I think you really need and why.

New: Corningware French-‎

This is what I suggest:

  • CorningWare 7-Piece French White Bake and Serve Set

This set contains two casserole dishes with glass lids for baking and plastic lids for refrigeration storage.  There is an extra small bowl which you can always use.

I will show how versatile these casseroles are in my recipes.

  • CorningWare French White 3-qt. Oblong Baking Dish

This baking dish has handles which make it easy to remove from the oven — the old fashion Pyrex glass baking dishes cause more burns and spills than they are worth.

  •  Corning Ware  French White 10 Inch Round Quiche Bakeware Dish  F 3 B
  •  I could only find this quiche pan on E-bay.   There was a time that quiche was all the rage and very very GAY.  So lets bring this dish back and make it an essential item for the Kweer Kook.


Prep and Serving Bowls

Space is a premium in most kitchens, so I suggest finding dual purpose bowls of various sizes that work fine for prep and look good on the table.

Example: I mix a cake batter which I pour into muffin tins for cupcakes.  Then I wash the bowl by hand use it to serve mashed potatoes or whatever.

This is where I suggest you go to a store like Crate and Barrel and look at the bowls. So many of these are the dual purpose type I recommend.

The problem with Crate and Barrel and similar stores is that the inventory constantly changes.  Something you love today might be gone tomorrow.  This is where Ebay comes in and sometimes Replacements LTD — the latter is usually for higher end products like china and glassware.

That provides a seque to:

Serving Your Food

Dishes, flatware, serving pieces, and glassware are essential but always a matter of budget and personal style.

I still believe that food should be served on white dishes that serve as a blank canvas for your creation.  But since PANACHE is our guide,  feel free to experiment and create your own presentation style.

When it comes to beverages, especially wine, I think the motto should be all-purpose and dishwasher friendly.