If it can boil water and roast a chicken you can make it work.

Gas or electric stoves or convection or simple ovens do not make a fine cook. Today most high-end stoves have gas or electic cook tops and convection ovens.

Stoves are like a potential lover. . . Some run hot. Some run cold. You must figure them out, before you commit to them.

Ovens are temperamental and they often lie like you last ditched friend or lover.

Before you bake or roast anything in your oven, buy an oven thermometer. They are cheap. Put it in your oven and turn the oven to 350 degrees. Most ovens will make a sound when that temperature is reached. Open the oven door and you will make a discovery: 350 degrees on a oven dial is rarely 350 degrees. The oven chime or ping or beep can be another of those lies that fk.. things up.

Cooking surfaces need careful study,  peppered with skepticism like most online  personal ads.

You need to get to know your cooking surface. Don’t trust calibrations or numbers on the dials. “Medium heat” in a recipe might boil the hell out of something you are cooking if you believe the mid point calibration or “5” is truly medium heat.

Knowing what you are cooking in and on requites experimentation and a watchful eye.

Once you know your stove and oven, you have taken a major step towards Kooking Kweer.

Because you will need more than a stove, I have provided information on equipment and tools you should have.