Pie Crust Magic

TIP   If you hate to clean flour from your countertop..this is for you!


           I always use store bought roll out crusts . If you make your own dough, this tip also applies

  • Unroll your pie crust* and place it on a sheet of parchment paper  ( instead of flouring a surface).
  • Using whatever rolling pin you like or a wine bottle, roll this pie crust out to incereas it’s size by about 2″ all around.
  • CHOICE  You can gently pick up the circle of dough and place it in your quiche pan  or pie plate
  • OR you can place your quiche or pie plate  in the center of the dough circle and use the parchment to flip the dough into the pan — it works.


Once the pie crust is in the dish  you should discover that there is dough draped over the rim of the pan. This is means you have reached your goal.

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*  If you make your own pie dough, you can start with the dough in the center of the parchment paper.

I have reused parchement paper with great sucess.  The dough does not stick to the paper.

Related TIP

Over the years I have made tartes and pies in a Corning Ware  10″ Quiche Pan.  I have  found that you get more bang for the buck with this shallow pan. Unfortunately, Corning seems to have dropped this item.  Guess that happened because Kweer Kooks stopped making fabulous quiches when gym bodies became all the rage.