Kooking Kweer recipes have their origin questions friends have asked  me or Clarion over the years. “What did you have for dinner last night?”usually directed to Clarion.   And  to me,  “Have you cooked anything different?” — The latter is almost a silly question because Clarion can tell you my failure as a cook is that I can rarely repeat a meal because I am always improvising.

Truth to tell, I have tried to remember some basic recipes,  like my all-purpose tomato sauce, Southern fried chicken and many which I will gladly share with you.

I will never tell you that a recipe is “Iconic” — (I hate that over-used word)  because if it were an icon it would not allow tapmering, improvisation….Panache!

All The Recipes

  • assume a basic knowldge of cooking and a willingness to bear with measurements that are not as precise as one might find in a cookbook.

  • have produced edible food

  • are grouped: Pastas, Mains, Rice, Desserts,  Sauces, Jams, Relishes etc.

  • are invitations to apply your Panache

Guest Kweer Kooks who provide recipies are responsible for cooking directions, measurements and suggested equipment.  These Kweer Kooks must provide a name or pseudonym. AND You don’t have to be Kweer to cook in my kitchen just loving and inclusive.