Learning Techniques by Kooking Kweer

In this section we will learn some basic cooking techniques and use them in some Kweer recipes. While the techniques are mainly for Newbies, the recipes and tips are for all.

Often a Panach Flash will follow a recipie. This is an invitation for Newbies and Penachers to start Kooking Kweer.

Background Reading

The Fanny Farmer Cookbook”, which was published in 1906, became the cooking bible in households across the States. As a child, I remember laughing at the book’s title because fannie was the name my prudish aunts used when they threatened to “spank my fanny” for being a bad boy.

When I saw my mother using a the cookbook to expand her basic Soul Food repetory and look up recipes for meals she had with my father in fancy restaurants, I began to page through it. To my delight as a budding artist, all the illustrations were hand drawn, as if an artist was by Fannie’s side when she penned the volume. Sometimes I would find a recipe for a dessert and ask my mother if I could help her make it. The answer was always, “yes”, and at evening dinner the family would feast on the dessert my mother and I made with Fannie‘s help.

So at an early age, Fannie Farmer, became my connection to the wonderful world of home cooking and my mother became my mentor with exceptional Panache.

Action Plan

Here is what I propose to the Newbies.  Buy a new or used copy of “The Fanny Farmer Cookbook” and page through the opening chapter.

Fanny’s book  is available through Amazon or in book stores if they still exist.

I will assume you Newbies have looked at the different sections of Fannie’s intro and may feel a bit overwhelmed and maybe bored or off-put by the amount of information Fanny provides. Remember this cookbook is like an encyclopedia or dictionary — you can’t remember everything but you can always go back to get information “About the Kitchen”.  So rather than read, lets get started!



Ko0king Kweer  for  NEWBIES

  • I will choose one pan — A deep saute pan with the lid. It can go on the top of the stove, in the oven and on the table.


Saute Pan

Saute  Pan


  • I will encourage you to try different basic cooking techniques using just this type of pan.
  • I will use Fanny Farmer’s definition of techniques rather than try to invent my own.
  • I will sometimes move from one technique to another that develops out of it.
  • I will use simple super market ingredients.

All of these recipes will be for two people just in case you want to share your cooking triumph.

 NOTE:  In this section I will have as many pictures as possible, so Newbies will know what the food should look like as it goes from start to finish.  I think old fashion still photos are easier to digest than a video.